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As consistent with all SMDC properties, the View Residences is no exception in providing a full range of amenities that would ensure a vibrant, balanced lifestyle for you. These facilities are carefully-thought of and planned in agreement with its team of designers, builders and engineers who are experts in their own fields. Their experience in the industry is a testament to how they’ve done these amenities in their other developments now being enjoyed by most of its residents.

As you enter this property, grand lobbies would welcome and enthrall you. An ambiance that speaks of elegance and charm will make you want to see more of it inside.

Families with small children will enjoy bonding together in the swimming pool. They can always organize weekend swimming parties and do this as a regular family time activity. Parents can read their favorite books while sipping their favorite coolers. The kids can play in the pool to their hearts’ content. After all, these are special times where the family can unwind and have fun together.

A lounge deck is available to just relax, sit and do nothing as you feel in all the breathtaking views from the spot you are in. Breathe the fresh air and just bask in all the refreshing views all around you.

For the health buffs, a jogging path is available for you. Stretch and enjoy the walks around the neighborhood, especially in the early mornings. Ask your family members to join you in your daily jogging sessions to perk up your mornings. No need to go outside your community, just walk along the path and surely, you’ll be on your way to a leaner, healthier you.

Of course, who wouldn’t love the playground as part of your amenities? Parents need not worry about their children as they can run, jump and tumble along the safe playground area. Your neighbors’ kids will be your kids’ playmates and that will be fun. Instantly, your children will develop their motor and social skills while they make use of the playground area.

One that’s surely a relaxing place for you and your love ones will be the lawn area. With colorful blooms and lush green plants around, the lawn area is certainly something to look forward to first thing in the mornings or when you are about to sleep at night. You can spend time alone there for some retrospection or go and just bond over some good conversations with your spouse, sibling, children or friend. This refreshing surroundings will soothe your senses and calm your souls.

We all want a safe and secure home – the units at View Residences are designed for the lock and go lifestyle so that you would have peace of mind knowing everything is taken cared of. There is roving security 24 hours, 7 days a week and CCTV cameras are installed at the strategic locations in the property.

Other utilities that are available for your use are the centralized garbage disposal system, the elevators and the back-up power in common areas. These are essential items needed to live comfortably here. The property also employs a management services office that ensures almost everything from the services for security, housekeeping and lastly, general and facilities maintenance of the common areas.

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